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“You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need”

- The Rolling Stones -

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Starts at $30 an hour

I have a professional studio available for your next project. I also offer mobile recording, it all depends on your budget. Ask for more information.


$30 an hour (2 hours vocals, 4 hours complete band)

I have all the equipment necessary to make your record sound professional. Check at my gear page for a list of all the equipment, plug-ins and software that I use.

-Live Sound FOH-

$120 a show

I will be more than happy to be the sound guy for your next concert. I have experienced with many live consoles.

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$150 per song

I specialize on strings and horn sections arrangements


$150 per song

I can start from scratch or I can make a song out of a melody or lyrics that you already have


$150 per song

Mostly any style of music, but I specialize on rock, pop, metal, latin

-Session Musician-

$100 per song

I will play any style, absolutely any style of music for your project

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-Music Lessons-

Starts at $40 an hour

I am currently accepting guitar (classical and electric), bass, piano and drums students. I play a variety of styles including but not limited to rock, jazz, funk, classical, metal, flamenco, blues. I will customize the lessons according to your needs and what you want to learn. Teaching material would include scales, chords, arpeggios, technique exercises, repertoire, theory and improvisation. All levels accepted, ages 5 up. 1 hour Session ----- 40$ 1/2 hour Session --- 25$ Skype session ------ 30$-15$ (1Hr-1/2Hr) I also do In-Home lessons, ask for details.

-Recording Lessons- (Pro Tools Operator Certified)

Starts at $40 an hour

I'll teach you from the basics, to very complex tasks, going through the steps of recording, editing and finally mixing. I'll setup a whole program of classes for you based on the certification course by Digidesign. You can also come for a single lesson, whatever your needs are I will be here to assist you. Profesional studio would be used for real studio occasion.