Patricio Carrasco

“You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need”

-The Rolling Stones-



Starts at $20 an hour

I have 2 professional studios available for your next project. I also offer mobile recording, it all depends on your budget. Ask for detail information.


$30 an hour (2 hours vocals, 4 hours complete band)

I have all the equipment necessary to make your record sound professional. Check at my gear page for a list of all the plug-ins and software that I use.

-Live Sound FOH-

$80 a show

I will be more than happy to be the sound guy for your next concert. I have experienced with many live consoles and signal flow.




$120 per song

I specialize on strings and horn sections arrangements


$120 per song

I can start from scratch or I can make a song out of a melody or lyrics that you already have


$120 per song

Mostly any style of music, but I specialize on rock, pop, metal, latin

-Session Musician-

$60 per song

I will play any style, absolutely any style of music for your project



-Music Lessons-

Starts at $30 an hour

I am currently accepting guitar (classical and electric) and bass students I play a variety of styles including but not limited to rock, jazz, funk, classical, metal, flamenco, blues. I will customize the lessons according to your needs and what you want. Teaching material would include scales, chords, arpeggios, technique exercises, repertoire, theory, improvisation. All levels accepted, ages 7 up.

-Recording Lessons (Pro Tools Operator Certified)-

Starts at $30 an hour. Hands on training on ProTools

I'll tech you from the basics, to very complex tasks, going through the steps of recording, editing and finally mixing. I'll setup a whole program of classes for you based on the certification course. You can also come for a single lesson, whatever your needs are I will be here to assist you.